Site updates

??/04/2024: 1st version of the site

* New tool: Brawlers

Using the «Brawlers» tool you will find a list of all the characters from the game with key information about each of them. Each page contains all available character cosmetics such as skins, badges, sprays and icons in high quality for download.

* New tool: Calculator

Our «Calculator» is a convenient tool for quickly calculating the required number of coins and power points to improve your favorite fighters in the game. It will also help you determine the cost of purchasing power-ups such as gadgets or star powers. This tool greatly simplifies the process, saving you time on mathematical calculations.

* New tool: Wiki

Use the «Wiki», the best encyclopedia for the game Brawl Stars, created on the FANDOM platform. Here you will find extensive information about the game mechanics, characters, events and much more. Please note that this tool is only available for the Russian version of the site.

* New tool: Discussions

Use our «Discussions», where users can share their impressions and moments from the game, create posts and discuss various aspects of the game world. This tool, hosted on the FANDOM platform, is available only for the Russian version of the site.